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Masters of Art for Childhood

A new model of thinking education and training with a new different approach since early childhood.
Successfully applied by a team of philosophers, artists and teachers, it places Art at the very center of the child’s individual development.
Doing Art is essentially a personal condition to create, invent, discover one’s own talents and to live education as a protagonist.

Watch some art workshops of Masters of Art

Sign and Drawing
Master of Art – Illustrator – Actor
Cesare Buffagni “Mago Buffo”

Sound and Singing
Master of Art – Soprano
Consuelo Gilardoni “Fata dei Desideri”

Movement and Dance
Master of Art – Principal Dancer of La Scale Theater
Maurizia Luceri “Stella di Luce”

Music and Rhythm
Master of Art – Flute player
Stefano Canzi “MusicaMago”

Discover our Publications

The book “Masters of Art for Childhood – The Art of Educating”

It describes both principles and contents of the educational model of Masters of Art, successfully applied in the biennium 2018/2019.
It introduces and promotes innovative educational practices into the world of the child’s training.

The illustrated manual “The Art of Being a Parent”

A small pedagogic book for families and whoever turns to education.
It answers the most usual questions to favour a harmonious and harmonious path to primary school.

Watch the Docu-Film

The two-year project of Masters of Art for Childhood is here narrated through images. Performed at Teatro San Babila of Milan during the school year 2018/2019, with 55 children, 45 high school student sas assistants and 20 artists and tutors of art.