Institutional Participants

Masters of Art for Childhood

What it is

Masters of Art for Childhood is a new educational paradigm. It presents an innovative approach to education, beginning in the highly formative years of early childhood.

Masters of Art for Childhood is the culmination of a decade-long research program of the PENSARE oltre Foundation, in collaboration with artists, philosophers, educators, intellectuals, scientists, physicians and researchers.

What is proposed

Masters of Art for Childhood is a propadeutic (pro- before, + paideuein to teach) educational path that prepares children to be more successful in any educational endeavor, while respecting the uniqueness of each child while

Based on the creation of art by working directly with accomplished artists, it provides each child with educational tools to discover their own talents as protagonists.

Inspired to the Renaissance bottega (artist studio), Masters of Art for Childhood places the experience of Beauty at the center of the child’s development, inspiring and improving the educational results for the children of today…the civilization of tomorrow.

The book “Masters of Art for Childhood”

This new book thoroughly describes the Masters of Art for Childhood educational model, both theoretically and as it was implemented during an eight-month program with 55 children of ages three, four, and five, during the 2018-2019 school year.

It offers a complete understanding of the educational principles of Masters of Art for Childhood, which any parent, teacher or institution can understand and apply.

The short documentary film

This documentary is a powerful artistic presentation of the Masters of Art for Childhood program as it was delivered at Teatro San Babila in Milan from October 2018 to June 2019.

More than twenty people, including master artists and tutors of arts, put into practice with children the fundamentals of performing and figurative arts, culminating in an artistic showcase that filled every space of the theater.

The illustrated handbook “The Art of being Parent”.

This small but very valuable handbook is rich in practical advice for parents as they accompany and help their child ren to face the beginning of school with confidence and engage successfully with the curriculum.

It is especially useful to the family and teachers in helping children overcome anxiety and doubts, and making their educational experience positive and effective