Master of Art for Childhood is a program of the non-profit PENSARE oltre Cultural Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Masters of Art for Childhood

A new educational paradigm, beginning in early childhood. Developed and applied by a team of artists, educators, and philosophers, Masters of Art for Childhood places the creation of art at the center of the individual’s development and educational experience, with children as protagonists in the story of discovery of their own talents.

View these Masters of Art workshops

Design and Drawing
Master of Art – Illustrator – Actor
Cesare Buffagni “Mago Buffo”

Sound and Singing
Master of Art – Soprano
Consuelo Gilardoni “Fata dei Desideri”

Movement and Dance
Master of Art – Principal Dancer of La Scale Theater
Maurizia Luceri “Stella di Luce”

Music and Rhythm
Master of Art – Flute player
Stefano Canzi “MusicaMago”

Discover our Publications

“Masters of Art for Childhood – The Art of Educating”

This trailblazing book describes both principles and practices of the new educational paradigm of Masters of Art, as successfully applied in programs over the two year period of 2018-2019.

“The Art of Being a Parent”

This illustrated manual is a must-read for all parents of young children who wish to create a foundation for their child’s future success in school. Find answers to common questions and a guide for creating extraordinary educational experiences.

Watch the Documentary

In the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019, the first Masters of Art for Childhood program was performed with 55 young children, 45 high school student assistants and 20 artists and tutors of art at Teatro San Babila of Milan. Watch this 18 minute documentary to share in this extraordinary experience of beauty.

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