Masters of Art for Childhood

A New Educational Paradigm for a True Renaissance

We have created an an effective educational bridge between adults and children through the experience of beauty.

Creating art beginning in early childhood, practicing the fundamentals directly with the artists, and respecting the pace and talents of each individual focuses on the uniqueness of each child’s development and imagination, and restores to children the responsibility and the right to create the future they wish to have and to live life as protagonists rather than spectators.

With enchantment comes the attention that generates curiosity and interest in learning.

Creating art with artists inspires the desire and self-discipline to learn to do something well, to accept challenges, to learn, and to persist, in order to succeed.

What adults see as a child’s distraction is, in reality, the potential of creativity, ready to be channeled./p>

Each child is different
No child is wrong

The objectives successfully achieved
by Masters of Art for Childhood>


THE THEATER is a place of learning
The child has owned THE SPACE
The child has conquered LTHE STUDIO
The child has created a relationship with the ARTIST
The child has created a relationship with the TUTOR for the ARTS
The child has created relationships with OTHERS


Hold the PENCIL correctly
Perform the RHYTHEM exercises
Perform the MOVEMENT exercises
Perform the SINGING exercises
Perform the BREATHING exercises
Perform the COORDINATION exercises
Recognize the LETTERS of the ALPHABET
Say the SOUNDS of the LETTERS correctly